20:10:12 Changes for security reasons and Eureka on the M65

Had a Skype meeting today with the venerable Davy Smith of Aleph projects. Basically, changes had had to be made to the App on his end meaning that the process of how I upload content to the App had changed. I could explain te meeting blow by blow, but as the changes were made for security reasons, this would defeat the reasons for the changes and the meeting. (I was going to write, but then I’ll have to kill you, but it felt a bit malevolent)

Useful meeting? Yes.
Necessary meeting?
Yes Frustrating meeting? Yes
Was it Davy’s fault? NO
Was it mine? No It was frustrating because in order to tech me how to add content with the new changed we needed to do a screen share across Skype, but it kept on cutting out meaning the 1 ½ hur meeting became a 3 ½ hour one. Geer.

After the meeting was over, I edited some postcards and uploaded a couple of bits of content. Visited Orly at her stall in the craft and vintage event in Nelson before heading back for a family meeting in Birmingham. As I was sitting in the car I thought. ‘Oh, I can’t believe I am on this motorway again. I seem to have spent so much of my week going up and down the M65.’ Then I realised that I could/should use the motorway and roundabout as points in the app. I could put Aleph points (places you go to in order to get content) as way I could inform people about different parks facilities and beauty. My hope being of getting their attention and making them thank about taking advantage of these amazing places that many people drive asset every day.

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