24.10, Foxhill- shelter and play with home school

I spent the morning blissfully casting the dog paw prints in plaster (images 2moro), thinking about how the combination of the dogs and the nature reserve act as a double healing tool for all kinds of ailments like coping with the loss of your wife, dealing with stress , combatting the onset of a migraine, aleviating the boredom of being unemployed….

in the the afternoon I joined the home school group who I met last week- we walked up to the site of the old mill owners house, an area I’m feeling very close to . I talked a little about some of the themes that are seeping through: the element of play that has surfaced via the talk about the old 70′s “unsafe” adventure playground, the healing potential of nature, picked out by my “bandaged” sculptural interventions, bonding elements together; the intrinsic presence of wildlife/ the onset of autumn/ hibernation and the building of shelter.

I let them loose to make whatever they wanted with the knowledge that they would be invited to a circle time crit of each other’s work at the end….

it works! kind of…

also using pottery found in the brook- which has inspired me to go snuffling down there tomorrow- apparently lots of foreign stuff gets dragged through foxhill via Tinkers Brook, lots of treasure

most of the work picked up the theme of playing

Thankyou everyone- sorry I havent featured everyones work , but it was all gorgeous!

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