Children and Chickens

Made-up stories today with a family walking round the park.  So I’m now currently trying to write up the story of ‘The Amazing Feat of the Stubbylee Princess’… there’s magic cats who speak French, dancing in the sunken garden, and realisations involving ducks.  All from the fevered imaginations of a 3 year old, 6 year old, and their game Granny!  We also had some off-time on the out-door gym…

We also had a good look at the chickens when we were walking round, and Emma in our group named all the chickens.  Inspired by this I wrote a daft pome:

On the Chickens in Stubbylee Park

Bella the Hen
Lives in a pen,
With her four chicks snuggling tight.

In the midst of the day
They all like to play
Though Thomas and Jack mostly fight.

For Rosa and Izzy
Their day is quite busy
It’s all about finding their tea

So they all peck and pout
And at times give a shout
When they find a good worm that is juicy.

When night starts to fall
And they’ve given their all
Bella squawks out: “There goes the light!”

Then they cuddle in snug
On an old tatty rug
And they all chime out loud “Nighty night!”

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