Scooting around Stubby

I was worried that today would be so cold, that I would be wishing the time away, but it turned into one of the loveliest days I’ve spent in the park.  I started doing very short audio recordings of people’s comments about the park.  My plan is to edit them all together into a montage of descriptions – all different opinions in different voices – showing directly what Stubbylee park means to this community.

My first victims were the lovely ladies of the ‘Friends of Stubbylee’ who I’ve been meeting up with fairly regularly.  After initial horror at being recorded, they all gave me some lovely and varied responses.

For the rest of the day I then seemed to bounce from person to person  - Gary, Alan, Roger, Steve, Tom, Christine, Dennis, Sarah, Pat, Vicky, Pat (a different one), Scott, Aidan, Fabio, John, Katie, Hannah, Lucy – chatting, walking and recording snippets all day.

Just before I left the park I popped into the skate park, where I noticed this.

I showed the poem I’d written about scooter-riding to the young lads who were…well, scooter-riding and doing stunts at the skate park.  I wanted them to check that it made sense and that I’d used all the scooting terms correctly.  My poem passed muster!  And they let me video them doing their ‘ollies’ and ‘flips’.  (I can’t put it up till I’ve got permission from their folks but), they were really good, and apparently they’ve not been doing it that long.

This is the poem -
(btw Luke Pickett is a famous pro stunt scooter-rider.  But you knew that):

I May Not Be Luke Pickett

I may not be Luke Pickett
But I can still kick-it
On the jump-box,
I out-fox
And fly.
I may not be Luke Pickett
But I’ve got the golden ticket -
With a grind
I unwind,
Find sanity,
So high.

I have flair
Getting air
I’m sorted
With my MGP
I’m floating free
Way above Stubbylee
Just my scooter and me.

I’m hoping I can get someone to read the poem over the film of the boys scooting…

Fingers crossed!



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