Alan Bamber the Stone Mason

I felt star struck when I met Alan Bamber, the stone mason who has restored many elements of the park over the years.

sparrows peckings

He is adding a new piece of stone to the wall at the entrance of Marsden Park. He knows the stonework of Marsden Park intimately, and he gave me a quick tour of the Latin names of the stonework. “This is called ‘Sparrows Pecking’,” he explained. I thought is looked very much like my initial idea for the clay tablet book:

Alan’s mallet

Alan’s mallet is 200 years old, and has been passed down through generations of stonemasons. It is half the size it was he was given it, as he cut bits and reshaped it over the years. “I got two years to go till I retire, so it’s going to last me,” he joked.

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