Welcome to Brungerley park

Today I write my blog from the back of my mini motorhome. The sun is coming down and it’s very peaceful here in an empty car park in Clitheroe. This morning I met Dorothy who is a go getter for the parks ‘friends of’ group she has secured more funding than proberly most funding officers and has a wonderful insight into the park. Some of my favourite stories so far has been the tank that was left in the park, swimming huts, stepping stones that emerge when the water is low and a beheaded otters sculpture whose head was found and returned.

I walked into the park through a different enterance and was greeted by a wave of nostalgia Hearing the Hum of the cerment works and seeing the bright green trees and big blue skies the opening to David Lynch’s series Twin peaks came to mind.

Thankfully its not as scary here in Brungerley park Though like Twin peaks the cafe does make an excellent coffee.

Amy P

Location:Ribblesdale Ave,Clitheroe,United Kingdom