back to last saturday 3.11 at foxhill

ahh, my last day at the nature reserve, meeting people and dogs , giving them their paw prints, not many people turned up but it had been snowing in the morning and really was cold, so thanks those who did

a bit more swinging on the swing in the old mill owners playground

sadly (for me) I then cut down the bandaged pieces from the trees, as promised, to leave the site as I found it- except for the melted , rained on clay work and the made structures which are still holding, hopefully becoming dens for animals of a creative-bent.

I installed the logs with photos at the centre with a sign to ask everyone whose dog made a paw cast , to pick them up. Also to please take out the photos and slot them back in afterwards.

I dont like endings, and dont like writing about them but this has been a very special and memorable project for me. Foxhill is a truly wonderful space and I know people will continue to enjoy it and keep it safe. The project has allowed me to pick up a couple of threeads that recur in my work – looking at how we play, how we interact with our environment, our complex and delicate relationship to place, the marks we leave behind how the natural environment informs us, and the meshing together of the past , present and future. All these ideas have been clarified and extended by working with other people and by being given this huge and gorgeous¬† “playground” which is Foxhill.

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