back to last wednesday 31.10

sorry for the delay in blogging-

my final session with the home educators

gave them the chance to build a den, talked through the issue of den building on nature reserves with a trained forest school practioner

the den had a slow start (I think I left them too long to sort it out themselves) but was great

home ed group given permission!

I bought a mini potters wheel from the Ossy table top sale and we struck it up in the woods, in the “play” area (site of mill owners hse)- balancing on a tree trunk . Not technically a brilliant machine but it worked and the splodgy pots were fun , we left them on the tree trunk for the weather to sort out

mucky pottery pups

yummy  mushroom ! which is EDIBLE!!

then met phil who helped chain saw some shape and notches into my logs, thankyou

i really want to go on a chainsaw course- not to create crocodiles and owls, but to slice open slits, wedges , notches, cracks, chunks, , create opportunities in the wood to intervene with other objects and materials – create spaces for stuffing in metal, wool, lard,fur, leather, plaster other wood. To chop out steps, ramps, ravines, intermissions- closed dark spaces, open wound….its very hard to do lots of sawing in big , green logs like these (and these are not even so wide) and the cuts are a little narrow for the images which I’ll be slotting in


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