Impressions of Marsden Park

Clay Fragments

I gathered the clay fragments together. How to make a whole out of fragments? and is it necessary? Or honest?


On an average day I met about 8 to 10 dog walkers, I met 30 children from nursery, 30 primary school children, 15 young people from Safe Space and the Zone Youth Centre,  and about 10/15 Friends of Pendle Parks. That’s quite a lot of people in three weeks, but a small fraction of the people who use the park. So why try to make a whole picture when I only have fragments?

Instead I decided to make some prints, using the fragments as building blocks to capture the spirit of the park:  

Fragment of Marsden Park

Impression of Marsden Park







I then cast the clay pieces into plaster, placing unlikely fragments of the park side by side, recalling my encounters as I peeled off the clay and uncovered the layers of plaster beneath- a lady’s shoe print from the path by the marshes next the bark from the tree by the Old Hall next to stone path that leads to the sensory garden next to Charlie’s paws who I met on my way to the playground, all of my impressions of Marsden Park mixed together.

cast of the book of clay


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