Its all go go go

I spent monday sorting out Lucy’s work for corporation park and trying to work out better ways of uploading lots of content to the App. Aslo watch and cut p Lucy’s videos interviews with people who use the parks and their was some great information in there. Emma is a star! and her interview is great. It really shows her love for the park and it was quite moving.

Also editing together Lindsay’s Cyanotypes that she has made by herself and with people from the park to make them ready for use in the App. If you Want to see the full size images of this then you will have to download the app and go and find them. The content is becoming really exciting, and going out and finding them definitely be worth the effort.

Trees For Burnley

i meet with two Ladies from Trees for Burnley, Margaret and June

We had a fabulous time talking about their involvement in the parks.

The Millions of trees that have been planted , their vision and ideas for the park along with their hopes and worries for the future of the Park.

We talked about, meadows, trees mud, community, engagement, space, mystery adventure.

I then went up to Queen street Mill.

Amazing beautiful dark pools of water,


noise and machinery and a sweet smell.


Sun Sonday


Sun  Bike rides, horses in the park

River dares at Heasandford

Skimming stones

Walking dogs

You cant believe you are by town.

It feels so tucked away!