Rowley Lake and other stories

Met up with Mark from the Youth theatre today. and am excited by some of the possiblties of working with the young people.

Also went for a walk with Laurence around Rowley lake.

Talked a little about the layers of history in the park.

Thinking about maps and strate. wondering about the mining institute and the geology of the park and the limestone and whether there is a way to bring some of the element that form the layers of the parks in to the imagery and the dialogues with the public.

stone rainbow beetle

macro layers of micro worlds

Iron is crucial to the Cyanotypes perhaps

Then went onto meet with Helen, James,  Michelle and Amy  who are part of Burnley Cultural development  team and talked about what possible conections might be made with groups over the half term.

Then I after some crucial welly purchasing back to the Brun Valley Park to see the lake just after dusk. A beautiful quality of light and sound.

Rowley Lake





Burn Valley Forest Park

So my plan was to get round all the parks in one day, but i did not even come close.
burn valley forest park
So in the morning i went exploring round Burn Valley Forest Park. Its big and quite confusing to navigate. The walkable bit being a ring around a methane plant. If you did not know it was there then it just looks like a picturesque hill. But this made it feel even harder to get your bearings in. The park is beautiful and some really interesting waterway engineering such as lodges and streams, that i am guessing these are quite old. But the park as a whole is quite new (bits about 35 years old, but if i am wrong please let me know) and because of this had a very different feel to the parks i had visited yesterday, which were both felt very victorian/ edwardian.

In keeping with yesterdays theme i started off by getting lost, sort of! I was exploring an area of the park further north than the area i thought i was in, but it was a very good mistake. I came across a place where two streams became one and had a go at making some moving/ movie postcards. I also had a go at taking some photographs which i thought might be a nice, simple and interesting content for the Aleph App. For now, here are some stills

Later that morning i met Lindsay Duncanson to chat about the park and to walk around the lodge. Here i made some more video postcards before we walked round and she explained what information she had found out about the parks so far. She also started asking some hard questions such as how will the aleph app improve or enhance the experience of people who use the park? What is the aim? What is the level of interactivity? Startted to think about how the timeline of this project will be very short and require great organisation and co-operation. Little bit scared!!!

Also found this site which had beaufitful light and a whirlpool, a posible place for filming or making an activity????