Grand Finale Brungerley parks touring art exhibition

09.00 First stop Clitheroe Market

Along with having a great chat to George from the pants and sock stall I bumped into a couple of dog walkers from Brungerley park

11.30 Brungerley Park it was great to get to show people their dog portrait postcards and get to have a final chat and wish people well.

Well we just had to have choice between Yorkshire and Lancashire tea and also a few Bottles of local fine ale ‘Hegless peg’ named after local legend Peg o nell.

Great to see so many familiar faces

2.30 Sainsburys


A couple of stops were added …one at the local craft store as someone saw the poster on the outside of the van so I welcomed them aboard for a private view.

And secondly I called in at my favourite new shop in Clitheroe


Lisa who runs the quirky shop is a very talented illustrated her and her cousin came aboard for a look at what I had been upto!

I have had such a wonderful time and met so many great people thankyou for making me welcome and sharing your many stories.

18.00 Homeward bound

Amy Pennington


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Before I go

Before I left this wonderful park, people and project I needed to do a couple of things.

So many people of Brungerley park have spoke to me about the bottom path which runs alongside the rubble valley river. A few years back this path shut and has remained closed due to a land fall.

Just over the river is where the border of yorkshire and lancashire met. The boundaries changed years ago which has now resulted in many folk now being classed as lancashire men or women though their birth certificate says different.

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Simon Entwistle the story of peg o nell

During my time at Brungerley park a few people told me about the old tale of peg o nell they also told me I should meet local man Simon Entwistle. Simon runs ghost tours of the area and is colourful character to meet you can find out more about him here… and perhaps even book a tour!

Simon kindly offered to meet in the park and sat in the camper van with two warm cups of tea looking on to the river simon told me all about the goings on of Peg o nell.

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Portrait Machine

Last Saturday I took myself and the portrait machine to Clitheroe Market

The portrait machine came into contact with some high winds but after a bit of repair work (never underestimate parcel tape) we were back in business

It was great to chat to people and draw their faces while asking many questions about the area and Brungerley park

Here’s a sneak peek from inside the machine!

I loved the market so much that Im back this saturday with the touring exhibition!

An engagement in the park

I struck gold!

Meet Paul & Emily

They kindly answered my questions that were attached to their cups of tea “What memories do you have of brungerley Park’

The answer

Paul proposed just after the deer sculptures the happy couple stopped to have a brew and drawing of Stan their lovely greyhound.

When I asked why Paul picked Brungerley Park Paul told me “Were staying at the Waddington Arms and I we were going to go for a moon lit walk but there’s no where round there so this seemed like a good a place as any”

Here’s a little audio from the newly engaged couple.

Congratulations Paul & Emily! Forbes (Soon to be)

Hectic Times at Brungerley Park


Well for the last couple of days its been go go go here in Brungerley. Yesterday was an early start retired teacher Sue came and helped me set up Brungerley’s very own pop up cafe. It went down a storm tea, coffee, hot chocolate, chocolate brownies , flap jack we made it all (well sainsburys made a lot of it but we heated things up!) Every cuppa that was served had a tag on it with a question we asked all cafe users if they wouldn’t mind answering them and some lovely tales were told such as the opening of the sculpture trail, social clubs for dogs and ghost of Peganel.

That afternoon I met the ramblers who ramble 2 – 3 times a week and bi gum did they put me through my paces. Derek was my saviour full of encouragement and good conversation Derek use to be a engineer so we spoke about the interestingly designed iron gate of Brungerley park he told me how it was a gate that used gravity as it has an iron ball which it rolls off swinging it back and forward its a pretty nifty design! I saw some fantastic misty views and gave me more of understanding of how vast the hills are and how much there is to be discovered!

Betty & Chips

Today I met Betty and chips. Betty’s great grandfather bought cross hill quarry and her family worked in the quarry industry and were a big part of Clitheroe. Betty is lovely she is very kind and has a great sense of humour we sat for a while in the van exchanging stories and drinking tea.

Heres a audio recording of our conversation which includes telling off a dog, myths of brungerley park and Betty’s lovely humour!