cubs-play-den-clay, sat.27.10

foxhills second visit from the cubs- 6 came with their parents

first of all we looked for the sculpture/animal food they made on TRuesday- almost totally eaten, there were teeth marks in the celery!!

they searched and found animal tracks, and made their own tracks by pushing marks into the hard mud with sticks, shining torches into holes….Bear Grylls, Ray Mears, Steve Backshall….

It didn’t taker long for them to decide to make a den so they started to hunt out the fallen branches. The den, in teepee style, quickly took shape,with a lovely camouflage coat of ferns to stop it being instantly discovered. We had chocolate chip cookies inside.

we then went up to the old mill house site where I’ve been “bandaging” and other people have been creating animal shelter. They looked at all the work , then got going on their own- clay animals, figures, real and imaginary creatures, they placed them under various kinds of shelter, as tomorrow it’s going to rain….

I’d talked about my bandaged pieces – the iodea of the nature reserve being a place of “mending”, repare, healing, stiched – as well as imagining children playing in the old garden where we stood….

John made a giant clay snail and rather than just leave it on a branch where ity would disintegrate in the rain, he constructed a shelter, using the cotton material, and a piece of wood.Wrapping the strips of material , binding it to the branch, tying knots to secure.  What was so lovely here was the way he worked  so intently with Michael , cub leader (arcala) putting his knot skills into practice.

Watching these two work together confirms what the project has allowed us to do- be in foxhill, engaging with this amazing environment in a way that you wouldn’t normally, discovering new things, being given permission to create

I’m interested in how parts of the prvious life of foxhill can resurface through the imagination. And how architectural characters have been knocked down, dismantled, and in some way , now, are being put back together, through a creative process.

It was a beautiful day- we walked back through the plantation to search for the old ice house , or cellar, in the banking, which Michael remembers seeing the entrance to, when playing as a kid.

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