Day 15 – A spot of painting

So…after spending yet more time thinking about the conservatory and her physical state, I decided to paint over the boards that are covering the broken windows.

Somehow looking at them and seeing the name and number of the glaziers stencilled in huge blue figures makes the conservatory look derelict and abandoned.

So, I started with a coat of primer and then covered them with a nice layer of gold paint. The gold looks strangely similar to the colour of the wooden chipboard but then in certain lights it catches and shines.

My plan is to write large words on top of the gold in a beautiful Oriental Red paint. I’ll do this on Saturday morning so you’ll have to wait and see…

I also took a few more pictures in the park on Saturday using the gilt frame. Not great photos technically but it’s still proving to be a good way to get people talking. Just I was leaving the park on saturday I walked right into a freshly married couple and their entourage. What a scoop!

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