Day 7 – Framing faces and views

I had a grand old time today! The sunshine really brought the park to life, there were even butterflies, mayflies and new buds on the pine trees. People were out strolling, laughing and playing and there was a general sense of happiness pervading the whole day.

I took my trusty gilt frame out with me today and began framing the park views. It’s a great tool for interaction as I can say ” Oh excuse me would you mind just holding this frame for me a moment…” and people always want to help and are inevitably intrigued and once we get chatting I find out all kinds of interesting things about them!

Today I met a man called Wajid who walks in the park everyday while he prays. A young couple called David and Donata who’ve just moved to Blackburn from Poland and the park is their favourite place to spend time. A man who comes to the park because the trees remind him of his home in Canada. Mavis Phoebe Harper an ex rambler in her 80′s who walks through the park into town every sunday after church. A group of lads with Staffie pups who come to hang out and play. A man called Michael who likes to sit on his favourite bench on his day off work every sunday, have a drink, enjoy the lake view and chat with his friend Graham. Sarah and her daughter Michelle who’ve been coming to the park since Michelle was a child. Bryony Craine who comes to the park with her nan Jacquie and builds secret dens. Paul Sumner a white muslim Blackburn lad who has been coming to the park since he was a boy and now brings his wife Razia and their kids. And Bill and Anne Hambler (with whom I massively embarrassed myself when I asked if Anne was Bill’s mum…no Anne is Bill’s wife…foot in mouth moment) Bill and Anne have been together for 40 years after meeting in a Chinese restaurant in Blackburn. Anne now needs a wheelchair to get around so Bill brings her to the park every week to enjoy the views and  clear his mind.

And so many more characters whom I hope I meet again!

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