Day 9 – Time to sit, make and think

Today it was good to just spend some time in my little designated space and make books. I was feeling kind of quiet and meditative and not many folks were about in the park so it seemed like the best thing to do.

I did catch a great interview with Gary though, the head groundsman. His great great grandfather was John William Shaw a renowned photographer in Blackburn in the 1880′s who took many many photographs of the park and surrounding areas. he and his son Arthur used to cycle for miles with all their camera equipment loaded on to their bikes and take shots of the surrounding land and townscapes. They had a photography studio just down the road from Corporation Park and therefore took many images of the park in it’s early years. Gary only found out about his great great granddad recently when a book was published featuring old photos of Blackburn. I like that Gary has ended up working in the park and maintain it’s elegance with such genuine care and diligence.

Another thing I wanted to share is that a good friend of mine has died. Frank Nelson, painter, automata maker and generally wonderful guy died at the grand age of 82. I know it’s not news that is relevant to the park but he was a Lancashire lad, born in Blackpool and an extremely talented person who make a huge variety of work over the years. If you’re interested in looking at his work, his automata are particularly inspiring, a little bit naughty and a little bit political. ¬†Bye for now Frank, see you around the corner…

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