friday, 26.10, ice, eskimos writing on branches

today was cold: 1- 3 degrees

took ice to Tinker Brook, just to make my hands a little bit colder and worked with painted figures

the ice block would work really well if I could film it melting right down but I dont have enough time to wait with a tripod and camera in the brook- but even with a still image the ice introduces the element of time, because we all know it is melting……there is an ice house in the woods close to the brook, it’s been filled in and a great stone placed over the entrance, so I will have to guess it’s location. I’ve had a thing about ice houses for along time now

Derek and his dog Jodie kept me company while I waded in the brook – I told Derek about the big commission and that I wanted to give out the paw casts next week at the sharing event in the park (Saturday 3rd, 1 til 3).He walks Jodie a couple of times a day and is lonely living on his own since Margaret died, so Foxhill is a lifeline for him.

made a new sling-swing-hammock-cradle in the location of the mill owners house. Sat the ice block on it with the eskimos I bought from Ossy table top sale last weekend. I want to place a drawing of the mill or the mill owners house underneath the sling-cradle, so the ice drips onto it and “bleeds” it out of focus. I met Brenda, with Mitzi and Sacha (2 lovely crazy, hyper speedy brindle whippets that charge around Foxhill almost in formation- I must get a photo). She used tpo play here as a kid, they weren’t allowed in the grounds of the old house, so they used to look over the wall. She will bring me a photo of the house tomorrow and a book, hopefully, which is perfect for my drawing, that she will leave on the tree.

I drew her comment in clay onto a branch in the space, the tree is a great old gnarled, complicated, quirky beast – maybe some kind of ornamental cherry?  but oversized and with a broken branch. Below is alink to the video of the clay text drawing, I’ll see if the cubs want to do any of this clay drawing tomorrow when we meet in Foxhill , I want to take my drill into the orchard as well for them to join bits of wood together with natural dowelling…..

“we used to….”

Derek 2 – remembers climbing the trees,a rope swinging across the river. he remembers pens (allotmentswhere people grew veg and in the paddock, people kept horses. There was the assault course, which he thought was “alright”.



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