IPhone Owners/Users can get Aleph Test

The Aleph App is up and running and can be placed on the iTunes store very quickly now, however the app developer is keen not to release it until their is some content, (as without it it looks like an app that does nothing) so i am adding in some content before it goes live on the iTunes store early next week.

The App only works on IPhones, but if you would like to try out the app before it goes on general release than please go to this link,
https://testflightapp.com/join/b4beaa060121209d7f19388a9aa1c133-MTA1MjI2/ and fill in the form and apply and you will be able to see it in the early stages as content is being added and different ideas are tried out. If you are going to be in the parks then this would be a massive help for testing that people are able to pic up the treasure points i programe into the map. PLease let me know if you have problems :)

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