Encounters in car parks

In the morning I went to meet Amy in Brungerley Park and Cross Hill Quarry Nature Reserve. The plan was to spend time with Amy and volunteers in from the wildlife trust as they work in the nature reserve, hoping that from this experience and conversations I have while I work I would get a feel for the place and what Amy might planning to do and how I could aid her or incorporate this into the Aleph App. I arrived late, (not his time because I was lost, because Lucy B had bought an A to Z for me and it works much better than the GPS on my phone) because I ha been trying to work out some techeeee stuff then night before had not not got to bed until quite early and work up late.

When I found the park I saw Amy’s camper van in the car park, but no Amy. Then a woman in her sixties and her daughter saw me and started to wave. Great I thought, I am not the only one running late. As I walked over, her daughter waved, their dogs barked and she said, “We are going to have to leave.”
‘That’s a shame; am I that late? I thought we were starting at 10” I replied
“We have been here 40 minutes”
“Oh, I’m sorry, am I that late? Are their others here”
“Well, its just us” the woman said apologetically. “And we really have to get going.”
“That’s a shame, is Amy here?”
“Who is Amy?”
“The resident artist in the nature reserve, I have come to talk to her and have a look round and try and get a feel for…”
At this point a dog wondered off, the daughter chased after it and the woman looked confounded.
“Anyway, I’m …”
“So your not…?”
“I thought you were… We were supposed to be meeting… But then your not… No, your not.. Course not. Who were you looking for.

Posted from Briercliffe, England, United Kingdom.

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