meeting Friends of Marsden Park

A workshop with Friends of Marsden Park enlightened me to how much the local community is investing in this space.

The group meets regularly and consists of local residents as well as representatives of  the Nursery and primary school who use the park.  They put on events and dedicate a lot time planning and organising to ensure their success.

Friends of Marsden Park

Originally a Neighbourhood Watch, this group of people bring positivity and energy to make Marsden Park a place enjoyed by all.

For this workshop I prepared lots of quick ‘tasks’ in response to the park, such as ‘If a new entrance was to be installed, what should it look like and where should it be placed?’ and ‘What kind of animal is the park’ . Some lively discussions followed with imaginative descriptions of the park, and an insight into its history and its present state.

Friends of Marsden Park  Friends of Marsden Park

Friends of Marsden ParkFriends of Marsden Park

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