Sorting stuff out.

Spent the morning making a test trail for Brungerley park. It took longer than planned so i am now going tomorrow to test it (hopefully the weather will be better and ill be able to shoot a couple of pics.

I have been having meetings with artists from different parks and had a great day today with two really big break thoughts on what of the vast amount of work, ideas and archive material they have i am going to use and also how.

After meeting Lindsay in her caravan in queens park we decided to make a trail of her Cyanotypes between Netherwood road and upto the Rowley Lake. The use the Postcards as easers in Bank HIil, Thompson PArk and Queens Park areas of Brun Valley Forrest Park.

Then making chocolate and bananer pancakes and eating some beautiful Pete stew. I had a good conversation with Orly about what of her work might work best ont he App. We have some ideas, but then the material may have been misplaced. Maybe once you hav the App (dear blog reader) you can help me find it. HE HE You will get the joke when you visit the park.

In both instances of deciding what you use the simple has definitely been best way to approach such a complex task.

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