sunday 28.10

yesterday I went to visit Ted and Pat who overlook Foxhill

their memories of playing were fantastic

Pat remembers a tiny green door, in the perimeter wall by the Mill Hill car park. We discussed the actual green: an old fashioned, true, dark green. Bill, the warden of the old estate, who patrolled with his dog, had a key for this door- it sounded like the door was about a metre high! I am inspired by this tiny, dark green door- with all its closed- door, metaphorical status! ” ‘course, the door didnt keep anyone out, ‘cos we jumped over the wall anyway!”

they talked about the 3 people who drowned in the lodges: a boy fishing on a branch of a tree, fell in and couldn’t swim; a little girl and another boy.

I’m  looking forward to going to Pauline’s house on Monday  and I’m seeing another woman , who is obsessed with the old house because she actually doesnt remember seeing it- her imagination is filling in the gaps ……

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