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I feel like I have not been blogging and getting out and about for the past few days and felt I should explain what I am doing. (not blow by low as unless you’re a massive tech geek then it would be really boring. (if you are a massive tech geek then ill pass on those sorts of questions to the Aleph Boys and see what they have to say. ☺

Over the past couple of days I have been finding little quirks with adding content to the app, which the programmer just could not have seen as being important because he comes at the app from a very different point of view. As with all of these things it never until you go to do I something that you see potential problems. For example video need to be turned portrait so that it fills the screen rather than being a band across the width of the phone (which for me detracts from the video) I need to also test this with still images and text over the next few hours. WOO!

postcards prior to rejigging

Corporation Park: Promenade from Creativity Works on Vimeo.

Corporation Park: Eric the Horse Chestnut from Creativity Works on Vimeo.

Also it’s a toss up with mobile devices between having great high data/quality content and making it so that whenever possible the files are small enough that they can be downloaded on the hop. (there is the option to make files sizes that are bigger so the user can choose to download them later but I think its best if they can be downloaded as soon as the notification of a found aleph comes to your phone) One big problem is that the area that all the parks cover is so large that the aleph points are not showing up on the map unless the collection points are made massive

Corporation Park: Flora from Creativity Works on Vimeo.

So at the moment I am working out ways to automate editing, recode Xing and resizing processes that make the content the best fit that it can be within the app. This is taking a bit of time, but once I have it worked out it should make adding the other artists contents (late this week and next) much quicker.

Gulls in Corporation Park from Creativity Works on Vimeo.

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