The Lost Signpost

I was lucky enough to get a group of young people from Safe Space. They joined me in the park on Halloween before the rain.  I had an idea of an ‘intervention’  - a lost signpost, wandering around the park, not sure what to point at, asking the members of the public for guidance. Originally a costume, then a prop, the lost signpost turned out to be a mask. I invited fellow artist Joyce Branagh, a playwright and wordsmith, to help me bring the lost signpost to life. She said ‘think of what you can feel, or hear, not just what you can see…’

The lost signpost tells what different areas of the park are feeling. The signpost was taken for a walk, and the young people came up with words including ‘old but hopeful’, ‘fragile’, and ‘mysterious’ to describe different spaces. ‘Mysterious’ was meant to point at the sky, which is ‘always changing’.










We took turns being the signpost, the director and the photographer.

I also had some chalk and birdseed, and permission (and encouragement) from Lee Johnson to use the space freely. One girl drew a picture of a bird and tree in the flower beds, and another drew a witch in chalk. Happy Halloween!



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