The Missing Witch

It was a hot Sunday when I was sketching in the park. A lady came up to me and asked “did you do that tree house?” , referring to the rabbit I installed in the trees. Yes, I admitted.

She said: “and there is something else, there is an owl somewhere.”


That was me as well…  I forgot to take the owl and tree-house down after the session with the nursery children.

Hesitantly she asked: “did you put the witch down there?” – gesturing towards the chapel arch.’Yes,’ I admitted. It’s meant to be the White Lady, the local park spectre.

“I told my friend – that’s really good. It’s not going to stay,” she said.

I explained it needed fixing, so I took it down. She was relieved. She thought it is hanging up in someone’s bedroom. “It’s really good. You could sell those!”

Seems that inadvertently I added to people’s anxieties about things going missing and that vandals are active in the park. We had a discussion about that. “I guess it depends who comes in here,” the nice lady concluded.

Then she asked: “will there be activities in the afternoon?’

I was puzzled.  I have not been in the park long, and have not advertised any activities to the public. “There could be, what sort of activities do you have in mind?” I asked, getting ready to prepare a make-shift workshop.

“Could you put more things for us to find in the trees?”

I certainly could.



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