Tuesday , 23.10, Foxhill- Dog Paws and cubs at night!

Back in foxhill, talking to lots more dog owners and casting their paws, pressing into clay – ready for the plaster.”Never work with children or animals”? that’s completely not true for foxhill- ALWAYS work with animals! it’s a great way to hi-jack the humans who come with them! This place is a dog walkers and dog lovers paradise.

many thanks to:

Angie with Denzel (brindle smooth lurcher) and Alfie ( blonde, long haired lurcher)

Barry with Jess (cute black staffie)

Mick with Murphy (handsome ginger Irish Terrier, sulked when Mick tried to take him home- had to be dragged- thought it was because he wanted to stay with me but actually because he’d just had a hair cut!)

Derek (lovely man- 82-  with an ipod full of love songs to remind him of his beloved wife, they got together with when he was 16) and Jodie his Collie

Cat with her little BOY Leon

Guy with Beaumont (the bouncy springer spaniel)

Andrea and Charlotte with Enzo (border cross) , Tallulah (labrador cross) and Lola (smooth Jack Russell wearing a lovely grey coat because it stops her trembling- it’s a very exciting place Foxhill!)

Mick with Rio (Patterdale Cairn- gorgeous little black shaggy mutt!)

All dogs and owners were really obliging and I didnt get bitten- probably because I had dog biscuits

aren’t I handsome!

named after Jodie Foster


Later on I met the CUBS in the scout hut just outside the park- we made animal food sculptures- I brought a load of fruit n veg , to cut up and piece together with cocktail sticks. They were asked to think about creatures that might use foxhill, or imaginary if that didn’t inspire. The boys absolutely loved it, the cub leaders were brilliant.

some sculpture they made :

then we took the sculpture out into the woods for the foxhill foxes and squirrels- a torch lit walk- high energy levels- it was a beautiful dry , calm still autumn evening.

they told stories, and looked for animals with the torches- we also had a minute of silence so they could listen to whatever sounds were hanging on the evening air. they found this difficult, they were so excited, but managed it the second time

THANKYOU cubs and thankyou Michael, Stephanie and  Rebecca (sorry is that right?)- it was a wonderful evening seeing the magic of Foxhill after dark.

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