What is Aleph Project App

Just realised that I did not really give you an explanation of what the App I am using, http://www.alephproject.co.uk/, actually does. So here goes…

Aleph Project App uses a combination of GPS and database technologies to create an interactive treasure hunt across a location or locations. At “active” waypoints on the map users will be able to download site/and or time specific art-based content – images, videos, text, audio, invitations/ vouchers. There can be any number of “active” locations available at the same time and users can filter the content to suit their own requirements and interests. Therefore the app can be tailored to respond to specific and varying demographics and allow different groups to only see download waypoints relating to a particular topic.

Users unlock new content in the “active” locations which they can download immediately or later over wifi. Previously downloaded content can then be accessed through the app regardless of where the user is. In effect, the user creates their own art gallery, scrap book and schedule of events of interest as they travel from location to location. One of the strengths of the app is that it motivates users to move from one location to another, and then another, and so on. The treasure hunt element helps engage the public in an innovative and interesting way, and enhance their experience of art in their location. It also helps to motivate users to visit a number of locations in a particular area that they might not usually experience. The other main strength is that the App allows audiences to engage with the downloadable content on their own terms

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