Wielding my Sword

I spent all of today at the residency house typing up my notes and doing lots of WRITING!

It’s brilliant at the Greenhouses in Stubbylee, and I have a great space to write there – but everyone is so friendly that you find yourself constantly getting involved in conversations, (which will all feed into the work), but today was about peace and quiet and getting my head down and putting ideas that have been floating around my head for days finally down on paper.

One piece is transcribed verbatim from a recorded conversation I had with a man who remembers when there was an Aircraft Museum in the park, with an old aeroplane (a Canberra B1 – I learnt!) which all the children used to play on.  He spoke about a using a ‘Trolley Acc’ which he described to me, but I realised when I came to write it down that I didn’t really know what the word ‘Acc’ was.  Having looked it up today, the full technical term is a ‘Trolley Accumulator’, and I found a picture of one which exactly matched Stan’s description:

“A Trolley Acc?  It’s a trolley they use in the Air Force. On two wheels.  Like a little trailer, packed with batteries. So you could plug that in to engine starter.  And that fired the engine up till it fired up and then you pulled the plug out and the aircraft was going then, it was ready to fly.  They had one up there and they didn’t know whether it worked or not.  I had a look at it, plugged it into starter box off engine, pressed the button and it fired up.”

I’m also quite excited about a monologue I wrote today which is heavily influenced by the rather dour man I met yesterday.  So, I’ve written a tirade of negativity about the park, from his point of view, but turned him into a pompous disgruntled squirrel.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

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